who we are

We deliver highly competitive and sustainable returns to our exclusive members.

Savax is a UK-based private investment fund that connects sophisticated investors and entrepreneurs to grow wealth through our invite-only platform. We focus on providing access to complex trading strategies and models built to increase your wealth and portfolio.


SAVAX to give clients a secure product to invest in.

Our in-house development team continuously build systems that support accurate, flexible, and profitable trading which enables continuous capital growth.
Technical Analysis
SAVAX utilises pioneering bespoke trading technology, highly experienced traders, and a plethora of unique tools.
Risk Management & Mitigation
SAVAX will pro-actively attempt to limit downside risk through strategies such as In-house development and utilising a proven high reward low risk strategy.
Experience & Trust
Every action undertaken and every movement made has to be supported and underpinned by our four core values: Integrity, reliability, trust and respect.
Our Team

Experienced Team of Professionals who put You First

The versatile and professional team at SAVAX have the experience to ensure any uncertanity is turned into a new investment opportunity. Every action undertaken and every movement made has to be supported and underpinned by our four core values: integrity, reliability, trust and respect.

Narrow Specialisation

The Ability to Advise is Better Than Competitors.

Technical Analysis
Risk Management & Mitigation
Experience & Trust

Private Investment which is Invite-Only

To ensure we have a community of trusted like-minded individuals, we have an invite-only policy. Since launching, SAVAX has not marketed or promoted its services to the general public and our vision remains to keep our platform exclusive. Sophisticated investors, entrepreneurs and high-net-worth individuals make up the majority of our network.


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Please note that Investments made into the SAVAX fund will not be protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS). Only invest If you are prepared all the funds you put in, as this is a high-risk investment.